Abbreviation for a popular RPG-MUD called Dark and Shattered Lands. Average number of users during peak hours ranges from 150-250 players.

Role playing is strictly enforced, failure to do so will most likely result in a smite, however an OOC channel is provided to those who need a break from it.

Experience (EXP) gains are based loosly on Creature_Level*Hours/Level. EXP required to level is determined by the number of skills and spells you took upon creation, and run through an exponential function, with multipliers based on race.

Characters are allowed to enter a Clan PK system where player killing is encouraged, with some minor limitations. If one does not wish to be looking over his shoulder every second he is outside, he can enter a Kingdom system, where, and RP becomes the major aspect of the game.

A secret group of vampires is also rumoured to exist, however not much is made public about this.

Each character has an estimated 1 in a million chance of being Manatonic, rare people who are born with special abilities. Certain races seem to be more prone to being manatonics than others. There is no way for anyone to tell who is a manatonic, unless you are a manatonic yourself. These people are generally hated and outcast from society as they are viewed as freaks of nature.