A Tacoma, Washington band founded in 1983. They played their first gig at a 'battle of the bands' and still remain together today due to the fact that they have not sacrificed their artistic integrity in search of fame and fortune. They have a twangy surf-punk guitar sound, similar to that of The Zombies and other 60's favorites. Although they are very very good live, they are notoriously known for their hatred of touring -- it's the traveling that gets to them, not the live shows.

Girl Trouble is made up of :

K.P. Kendall    - Lead Singer
Bon Von Wheelie - Drums (Sister to Kahuna)
Big Kahuna      - Lead Electric and Rhythm Guitar
Dale            - Bass Guitar

Discography (Albums):

Hit It or Quit it (1988) OOP - K/Sub Pop/Next Big Thing
Stomp & Shout & Work It On Out (1990) - Dionysus
Thrillsphere (1990) - Popllama
New American Shame (1993) - eMpTy Records
Girl Trouble Live (1993) - eMptTy Records
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays (1998) - Wig Out!