Concentration camps, contrary to popular belief, were not only used exclusively during WW2, in fact, in a strange and whacky kind of way, you could say they are alive and healthy today. In China, the "Reeducation Through Labor" camps are a sterling example. RTL camps are basically barbed wire manual labor camps for "enemies of the state", any person in China can be summarily sent there for up to three years without a formal trial. Also, currently in use in the Caucusus region (Chechnya in particular), are what the Russians call, "Filtration Camps", and from the few stories that have managed to leak out, rape, torture, mass-burials and more human rights violations then you can shake a stick at, are like a picnic in comparison to these "Filtration Camps". It should also be noted that during the era of the Pol Pot in Cambodia, there was much deployment of concentration camps, the largest of which was the middle school were Pol Pot taught as a math teacher before starting a "revolution". The craziest part about Pol Pot and the camps was that his family were the first people to be interned. Also, on the more luxurious side of concentration camps, there were the Japanese "Internment Camps" of good ol' WW2. Although the Americans didn't enslave or abuse the Japanese forced to live there, the Nihonese Americans living there were still prisoners for the brunt of the war(After Pearl Harbor at least), for fear of them committing some treachery.