Zyklon-B is:

Zyklon-B is a side project by some of the biggest names in black metal. They came together to make only one LP in 1995, Blood Must Be Shed. Their LP is only three tracks, 11 minutes long. They were forced to finish it early because Samoth had to go to jail for burning down some churches.

While the group is made up of black metal members, the one LP they created was more of a trashy punk metal. The most obvious difference is that the vocals are yelled instead of screamed. The ideas spread through the lyrics are different, calling for death and massmurder through war or AIDS, instead of Satan and massmurder of Christians.

If you want to listen to Zyklon-B, you can legally download their mp3s since the copyright has apparently been dropped... It should also be noted that aside from the member, Samoth, the band has little connection with another black metal band named Zyklon.

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