Atari 2600 Game
Produced by: Atari
Model Number: CX26172
Atari Rarity Guide: 7 Very Rare
Year of Release: 1987

This Atari 2600 game is a translation of the arcade game of the same name. It was one of the games that Atari made when they rereleased the Atari 2600 in 1987. The below information (except for the value), can be considered valid for all of the ports also.

Xenophobe is much like a cartoonish version of the movie Aliens. You pick your character, then you go into a space station to fight as many aliens as you can. Just like in the movie they start out as eggs, then hatch into small aliens, eventually transforming into big monster aliens.

This game is a split screen (arcade version is 3 player, other versions are 2 player), side scrolling action game. You have to clear out the whole base of aliens to advance to the next level. All players play in the same base at the same time, so it is possible to team up to help each other out. But more than likely you will end up bickering over powerups. Unlike other split screen games, Xenophobe does not expand to full screen when a single person plays, the lower half of the screen is blanked out (or shows an attract mode, depending on the version played).

I simply cannot say enough good things about this game, if you want to try it I would suggest playing either the arcade version (via MAME), or the Atari 7800 version. (The other ports really are not as good.)

From the instruction manual:

Hostile aliens--Xenophobes--are infesting space stations vital to your planet's security. These aliens threaten to overrun the stations, rendering the space stations useless.

You are part of an elite team which is ready to speed to these endangered space stations. Your mission is clear: destroy the aliens regain control of the space stations, and pick up any valuable hardware you might discover as you sweep the stations for aliens.

The aliens are a swarming band of uglies straight out of your worst nightmare. You'll need to use your talent just to stay alive as you rid each space station of these pests. You don't want to let them catch you. It's them or you.

The message has come. It's up to you and your teammates to cleanse each space station of aliens. Your Mother Ship brings you to the vicinity of each overrun space station. You then enter the space station via a transfer disk, which beams you aboard.

Another member of your elite squad can work stations too, and you may compete for high score, or work on your own to clear the aliens from an infested space station. Just be careful as you enter a space station. The aliens are everywhere!

This game is valued at around $30 USD. Games with boxes and manuals are worth more.

This game was also released for the Atari 7800, in the arcades, and for the Nintendo Entertainment System (SunSoft did the NES version).