Dating the night can set you free. But only if done correctly. To really take advantage of the night you must get your sleep pattern down to the very minimum. (You probably sleep a lot more than you need to anyway).

A graveyard shift job combined with a reduced sleep pattern can be a glorious thing. You will find that you have more free time than you have ever imagined possible.

How to properly "Date The Night"
  • Get a graveyard shift job. Hotel desk clerk is ideal because you have little in the way of duties. This makes even your work time into free time in many ways.
  • Cut your sleep down to what you really need. For me this is about 4 hours. (From 8:30 am until about 12:30 pm).

My roommates never see me sleep. I am awake when they leave for work, and I have already woken up by the time the first one gets home at 2:00 pm. Time no longer has any control over me. I have no watch. I go to bed when I get off of work. I then let my body decide when it wants to wake up. Everyday is like a day off when you are working while others sleep.

Just something to keep in mind. The benefits of a nocturnal lifestyle far outweigh the drawbacks. You can devote all the time that you never had before to noding, reading, or even playing Nintendo. This is more difficult if you are married though, (most spouses won't put up with it).

Your sexual encounters on your days off will be better. You will be far more awake and aware for that late night lovemaking session than a non-nocturnal person ever would be.