Troglodytes are a fearsome carnivorous race of lizard-like humanoids (featured in many fantasy role-playing games).

Most troglodytes live in small settlements in mountainous regions (usually in a large cave network). They prefer to live near human settlements for easy access to human prey (and the livestock kept at most humans farms). Troglodyte society is tribal in nature, leadership is determined by power alone (the strongest troglodyte is the leader, while the others scramble for their place in the pecking order). They have little sense of loyalty, most tribal leaders are overthrown (and eaten), the first time the fail to provide adequate food for the tribe.

They wear little in the way of clothing, usually just a belt or sash (to attach tools to). Leaders will often wear bits of steel on their belt as a sign of power (steel holds a special place in troglodyte society). Troglodytes vary in their coloration, actually they are more like chameleons, and can change color to blend in with the surroundings. Male members of the species have a large crest on their head that continues partially down their back (females do not hunt, and are only seen in the troglodyte settlements).

Troglodytes fight with their claws, teeth, any human weapons they may have acquired, and a special dart/javelin] that is unique to their culture. Male troglodytes can also emit a skunk-like stench that can knock a grown man to his knees (always plug up your nose when fighting these bad boys). They prefer to attack from ambush, and will usually kill several men with their javelin-darts before they close for hand to hand combat.