Dude, where are all the women at?

I know what you mean, this is a total sausage party.

The phrase sausage party is used to describe any party or other social situation in which the men outnumber the women. No one knows exactly what "sausage" means in the phrase, but it is thought to be related to breakfast foods in some way.

Here is something that most people don't realize. It is always a sausage party. You see men outnumber women 21 to 20 in the 14 to 35 age range. Now take away the people who are in relationships, and you are left with about 6 guys and 5 girls, which isn't the best odds, especially since the men will usually tend to wait for the unavailable women to become single, rather than actually pursue the single women that don't live up to their artificial standards. Not to mention the fact that 3 of those 5 girls probably didn't even go to the party.

The classic usage implies an actual party. In that case there are usually a large group of single males at the given party, and almost no available women to speak of. One can still "score" at a sausage party, but it usually requires thinking with something other than your sausage, and looking at women for who they are, instead of what they look like.