Irony is so wonderful isn't it? Yesterday I wrote a writeup extolling the financial soundness of driving older cars as opposed to new ones, and today I spent $700 on my 1989 Chevrolet Suburban in order for it to pass the safety and emissions inspection. That is actually the single largest amount of money I have ever laid out on a vehicle I already owned in my entire life. But financially speaking the vehicle is still winning hands down over a newer vehicle. In two years of ownership this vehicle (which I was given for free), has cost me $1200, and almost all of it was for standard wear items (tires, brakes, alignment, exhaust). $1200 is four car payments, and that amount of money bought me two years, well actually $500 bought me 2 years, today's $700 was an advance payment on future driving. Now I am in the lovely position with the vehicle in that all the things that normally have to be replaced once in the life of the vehicle have been replaced.

Of course all of this is important since I plan on bringing my Suburban to Hot Damn 5! The Dysfunctional Family Reunion Strikes Back and Children of the Corny 3: Third Time's the Charm!. I am really excited about being able to actually travel, go places and do things again. It seems like I have been trapped in my apartment for years now.