The rest of my life: Day 4

Remember when you were younger and you would always look forward to all the magical things that were supposed to happen when you got older? Yet somehow as you got older those magical things either lost their magic, or never came about at all. Well, one of those things finally came true for me. The other day I had sent my auto insurance renewal in the rate had dropped by like a few dollars, like they always do. But then today I got a letter from my insurance agent telling me he had a cheaper rate for me. I called them up and found out they had a rate for me that was $430 a year less than what I was currently paying (I had turned 25 since the last time I renewed). That is the best news I have gotten in a long time.

I spent most of the day sorting through my books, with a long break where my mother and I argued about why I didn't have a good job or a girlfriend. I managed to get all my paperbacks in order and up on the shelves. I ended up donating a few duplicate paperbacks, and a few hundred comic books to the boy's home down the street, mostly to save space.

My date with Heather never happened. She never called. I didn't even get upset about it, which I thought was kind of funny, since I get upset about everything girl-related. I do kind of wonder why she asked me out, only to stand me up? Oh well, I guess that keeps my 13 month with no dates streak going!