The rest of my life: Day 1

Today was a rather uneventful day. Nothing earth shattering really happened. I finally calmed down from all the fear and excitement that came with giving Sarah the card yesterday.

I did manage to accomplish a few things today, as I am trying to accomplish something each and every day. Today I made an appointment to get an oil change tommorrow, touched up the rusty bolts on my Mars mini arcade game, and read The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury (which I recommend to everyone).

As always, Sarah weighs heavily on my mind. Yesterday was a bit of an important day as far as she was concerned. I gave her a thank you card at church for some good advice she had given me. It actually said far more than thank you, but I am not going to reproduce the contents of it here. I didn't get to see her reaction to it, because she is far to much of a good girl to read a note during church.

I had hoped to speak to her after the service, but there was a meeting about the men's retreat that I had to go to.

In entertainment news, I managed to score 6100 points on my new Jack the Giantkiller cocktail table!