One thing that no one has mentioned about the game yet is the subtle racism that is all over the game. All of the black people in the game are very stereotypical. Speaking mostly in Ebonics. B.D. Joe is the prime example here. But it is also evident in the customers too. It is hard not to notice that the two most common destinations for the black customers are FILA and Kentucky Fried Chicken. I am not sure if this was intentional on the programmers behalf, (or if it was just case of the Japanese programmers copying what they had seen in American pop culture).

Now on a different note. The Crazy Taxi engine was full of bugs, and suffered from massive clipping problems. The vehicle physics were less than accurate, and it was quite easy to make the cars do truly strange things (you can even get them stuck partially inside objects, or make them move along a wall on two wheels at about one mile an hour (leaning the wrong way I might add).