A video game very similar to Crazy Taxi, but set in The Simpsons universe and populated by various Simpsons characters. The game is available for PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, and Gameboy Advance.

C. Montgomery Burns has purchased the local public transportation district, and has converted all the public buses to strangely glowing nuclear powered buses. The citizens of Springfield appear not to like this, and decide they'll fight back by buying it back from Burns. Problem is, it's going to cost a cool one million dollars.

The game itself plays very much like Crazy Taxi; once everything in the game is unlocked, there are seventeen playable characters and six city areas to haul people around in.

There is an amazing amount of detail present in the game; tons of references to the show are present both in the locations appearing in the game's areas and in the massive amounts of speech in the game from each of the characters. Plenty of "supporting characters" are also present as passengers. Everybody in the game speaks, whether they're a playable character or just a passenger. The game areas are very interactive, with lots of breakable objects and plenty of opportunities for stunts.

The game offers three single-player modes, Road Rage (where players race against the clock to collect fares to save up enough cash to buy back the public transportation system), Sunday Drive (where players have unlimited time to drive around an area to explore), and Missions (where the player runs ten missions, each with a specific driver, to destroy a given number of a specified object within the given time limit). A head-to-head mode is also available.

Produced by Fox Interactive, and released by Electronic Arts.

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