1832 Reform Act

Disenfranchisement Clauses

  • 56 nomination or rotten boroughs returning 111 MPs lost their representation
  • 30 boroughs with less than 4,000 inhabitants lost one MP each
  • Weymouth and Melcombe Regis gave up two of their four MPs
Enfranchisement Franchise Qualification

The borough franchise was regularised. The right of voting was vested in all householders paying a yearly rental of £10 and, subject to one year residence qualification £10 lodgers (if they were sharing a house and the landlord was not in occupation).

In the counties, the franchise was granted to:

  • 40 shilling freeholders
  • £10 copyholders
  • £50 tenants
  • £10 long lease holders
  • £50 medium lease holders
  • Borough freeholders could vote in the counties if their freehold was between 40 shillings and £10, or if it was over £10 and occupied by a tenant.