to do my mailman yells at me. i check the box about once a month. i pay all my bills online -- they're mostly static payments for rent, car (only one more payment!!), insurance, student loan, etc. only a few are different each month. so the mailbox tends to get full really quickly. last summer, he told me to put a note in the box, specifying first class mail and periodicals only. being the lazy girl i am, i never did. a few times he's been at the mailbox as i come home from work. i make up lame excuses -- i travel a lot for work, yadda yadda. he's finally just stopped putting the crap mail in. he still yells at me when he sees me though.

i finally came home today to find cozmo still in his cage. the rigged crate lock worked. i like my dog again.
Got a gift at work. A silver box, on which was written "EVERY JOB IS A SELF-PORTRAIT OF THE PERSON WHO DID IT. AUTOGRAPH YOUR WORK WITH EXCELLENCE". Inside are a pen which says "INTEGRITY" and a pencil which says "CHARACTER". A fairly mindless corporate gift, but a nice gesture.