Like many others in America, many Casino workers rely on tips (known in the industry as tokes) to subsidize their very low hourly wage. Blackjack Dealers, Craps dealers, Roulette dealers, change carriers, cashiers, Cocktail waitresses, and bartenders all rely on tips to make a decent wage. Some wages become so decent that these workers become, in essence, trapped, unable to quit and get a "real job" that would pay much less than this surreal job pays. They put up with all kinds of abuse from drunk and mostly losing gamblers. And when a gambler gets really lucky and hits a winning streak, walking away with large sums of money, the dealer, waitress, etc., often goes untipped. Henceforth, the popularity of a name tag worn on the employees shirt that simply reads, Tipping is not a city in China. Unfortunately, these tags are not allowed by management, so are rarely seen, but the sentiment, none the less, is widespread.