But they're wrong. There's one thing that passes one by in life, if you don't take advantage of it when you're young. There comes a time when it is too late. I'm talking here from a heterosexual male point of view and I'm talking about young women. No, I'm not talking high school, I'm talking college age and beyond, let's say to early thirties. I'm talking about the most beautiful animal that inhabits the face of the earth. Women, young women.

Now, don't get me wrong. Certainly, there are plenty of very attractive ladies who age well and are gorgeous even in their senior years. And, beauty isn't everything. But, I'm talking preferences here. I think most men would prefer younger women. But like most opportunities that present themselves when we're young, we don't recognize them. And what I'm saying is, there comes a time when you, as a male, reach a certain age, that unless you're in the Donald Trump category, time runs out. They, the young women, are just no longer interested. They have better choices.

I'm there; I'm past the age where younger women find me attractive for , let's say, dating purposes. Now younger men, when you frequent a restaurant, a bar, a grocery store, and see this young woman perusing cantelopes, you can walk right up and say, "Nice Cantelopes, huh?" And just maybe meet the woman of your dreams. Who knows? Or at least, get a phone number. It's not beyond the realm of possibilities. But, try it at 50 something when they're 20 something. The results just aren't the same. And it's tough, with all the young ladies everywhere, to look and realize, well you just can't touch.

So, the moral of this story is fairly obvious. While you're young, don't waste time with education, careers, and other senseless possibilities. There is a time when it's too late. Go after the women while you're young, and say hi for me.