Well, I'm not a great big ol' fan of George W. Bush, but today when I came home, I had a letter, so to speak, informing me that I'm about to receive a tax refund in the amount of $300...Now, never, in my entire life have I received such a letter from, well, the IRS. I mean they are, after all, the ones who take my taxes...and now they're sending me some money out of the clear blue sky. I'm flabergasted.

In the past, I've even slightly cheated on my tax return, and had to pay penalties and interest that added up to mucho money...and now, out of the kindness of somebody's pea picking heart, I'm getting a tax refund I didn't even ask for.

Boy, I'm glad I live in Florida, where we are free to put whomever we want in the Whitehouse?? Thank you Mr. President.