Loki Entertainment Software have operated a relatively successful operation for the last number of years.

Loki Entertainment Software contracts with successful computer entertainment software companies to port their best selling titles to Linux. Gaming software is an untapped segment of the Linux market with significant potential.

Loki Entertainment Software was founded in August, 1998 with the goal of bringing a broad range of games to Linux. Loki generates revenues for game publishers by bringing proven hits to this significant, new market. Just as Hollywood studios are able to supplement profits by re-releasing movies to video, pay-per-view and international markets, the ports developed by Loki enable publishers to generate additional revenues from existing products without incurring additional costs.

For Linux users, Loki brings best selling games, fully supported and sold through traditional retail channels -- something the Linux community has been lacking until now.
From the Loki website, http://www.lokigames.com

Their catalog includes;

Unfortunately, in the first week of August, 2001, Loki Software filed for protection from creditors under bankruptcy laws. Apparently, Loki owed Activision USD 330,000 and Prolix USD 100,000.

As of 31st of January 2002 Loki Software is bankrupt and out of business. All sales had ceased from their website, and buyers were directed to seek software from resellers.