Played TSG2 tonight and scored a four.

Random Node #1: Come back, come back, the vacuum's tearing things apart

Random node #2: The Turkey Song

The challenge is to see if you can get from #1 to #2 in six clicks or less using soft links only. It took me four clicks. Things in the nodegel are often more closely connected than you might think.

C'mon, you know you want to try it.

And, of course, the above doesn't work because soon someone forges a direct link between the start node (#1) and the destination node (#2) and now it's an obvious one click path. Which is a good illustration of how the soft links tie it all together. I think I'll leave the node since it is a daylog anyway.

In general, for E2 levels 1-7 try The Softlink Game and for E2 levels 8 and above try The Softlink Game 2.0 And enjoy!