The text on a bumper sticker available for download from . The general idea is to print these stickers out on an laser printer (ink jet printouts will run if they get wet) and go SUV hunting. Hunting sport utility vehicles entails going about your town, looking for Suburbans, Expeditions, Excursions and the rest of the dangerous, impractical, inefficient vehicles that suburban warriors in your locality drive, choking what is left of the environment on excessive exhaust fumes. Once you have found the prey and made sure that the coast is clear, stalk up to the auto and slap on one of the aforementioned bumper stickers.

Mind you, neither nor I advocate tagging the trucks of those who actually need them. People such as ranchers, landscapers, etc actually use large automobiles to transport tools of their trade. However, chances are that the petite soccer mom climbing out of that gleaming white Excursion parked in front of Neiman's is not going into the mall to pick up this month's order of feed for the horses. A vehicle of that size cannot justify itself simply by being a slightly more convenient and fashionable way of getting little Billy to soccer practice. Nor can I understand the logic of this suburban mentality of keeping up with the Joneses ("Uh-oh... Don't look now Marge, but the neighbors are raping the planet and endangering the lives of others more efficiently than are we!").

And if you are worried about the lasting effect of these bumper stickers on the cars, don't be, they should leave no trace after the application of a little soap & water and some elbow grease

I would be interested in what thought others might have on this activity of questionable legality other than a few strategic softlinks, so please, writeups are more than welcome.