The word of the day is copacetic, but, I wish it had a different, less happy, meaning. It snowed again, this time is shocked even me. I really though spring had sprung, but I guess not. Freak blizzards come all year round, March had it coming. To make the best out of the dreary snow, two classmates of mine and I decided to go sledding after dark.

We took trays from the cafeteria and walked to the hill that has signs that say "No Sled Riding". We broke the rules. I heard that a few months ago security would have chased you off the hill, but since everyone is sick of the snow I don’t think they expected anyone to infiltrate their network of defense (aka. the signs). We had a blast. I volunteered to roll down the hill to pack the snow in, and by the time I got to the bottom I had the spins. I stood up and couldn’t for the life of me walk a straight line. Seriously, after I rode down the hill the first time and walked back up I saw my footprints in the snow and it was a series of nice half moons.

College life so far has rock. As of this posting the only other antic I have participated in was running across the Quad barefoot in a foot and a half of snow. I'll have to daylog that later.