How odd life is. It seems that when I feel most sure of what my life is doing, where I'm headed, that everything becomes totally stagnant, and I end up not going anywhere. Then, when I am most unsure of what to do, where to go, which direction to head, everything seems to happen all at once, and in a direction I hadn't even thought about. I am becoming less and less sure of anything at all. I keep fucking up, and somehow, the person I fucked up with manages to keep my head above water. What now do I do? Fuck me, life is confusing. Thank God for this little nook of sanity. Even at its worst, E2 is at least a place to vent and spill my guts, providing that dannye won't nuke me. (sigh)

Not that I don't tend to have it coming.

It turns out also that I won't get to go to the party on the 5th that I've been looking forward to for so long now. My grandmother died. No big deal, really- I haven't seen her since I was ten, but I still have to go to the funeral. Not nearly as fun as drunken debauchery with a number of my favorite noders. So it goes.