I'm home alone, third floor apartment, and hear the buzzer. "Hello?" A woman's voice says, "Can you buzz me in?" The buzzer doesn't work, so I run down the stairs. As I run down the stairs, I hear her buzzing all the other apartments. Hmmm, not a good sign.

There's a dowdy girl who starts rapidly explaining that she is working on a project related to careers and she is talking to people about what they do. As she talks, she puts some sort of card into my hand that purports to explain the business. There are phrases scribbled on it, such as "Ask me how I get points!"

All in all it looks like it will wind up in a request for money. The girl does not look like a high schooler, not really, and when she pauses to ask, "Can you help me?" I say, "No, I'm pretty busy right now," and try to hand the card back.

She seems astonished. "You're not going to help me?"



"No. Sorry." I shut the door.

I hear her outside muttering, "No. No. No," in imitation of me.