I'm not sure how many people would want glue, or egg stuck in their head thoughout a long raving session, or at all for that matter...but each to their own I suppose. Here is another method which manages to avoid any kind of food product, while being a little more hard wearing than gel alone, and so avoiding your work being screwed up by some loved up, head-molesting gurner...

First of all make sure that to start with you have nice clean hair, then slightly dampen it, and simply soap it up until it is nice and frothy.

Then slick it all forward and divide it into a bunch of little squares as detailed above by Bane, starting from a row down the centre of your head and then moving outwards. The keep it all nice and soapy, unitl you're finished, then add a little gel when its dried just to make sure it keeps the shape

That's it...spray some nice day-glo paint on your head, grab your Vick's and your glowsticks and get clubbing.