A wonderful book by Edward De Bono in which children aged 5-13 are invited to invent solutions to a number of problems, such as:
...and several more. The results are often insightful, and frequently hilarious - a solution to insomnia involves a machine which automatically drops sleeping pills into the patient's mouth whenever they wake up, and a seven year-old solves the problem of crime by having police drop 'bad men' out of a plane into shark-infested waters. Another crime solver is even more ingenious:
Use pretty girls as decoys. Say a gang has ten members, well ten pretty girls go off saying 'come on' to each individual member of the gang, then the girls walk off in different directions, and the gang is separated. The police then arrest the bad guys who are in a trance.
Human body improvements include recording ears, 'my nose on my legs' and 'more of most things except fingers and toes'.All solutions are accomanied by the children's illustrations. I don't know if this book is still in print, but if you see it, grab it; it's priceless.