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What ever isn't nailed down is mine. What I can pry up isn't nailed down.
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I am a gerbil. Get over it. Yes, it's hard for a gerbil to type but I manage. I haven't worked out how to scan a picture of myself yet (I can't find where the human hides the pictures), so I'll just describe myself:

According to that ruler thing, I'm 4 inches long, plus a three inch furred tail. I weigh so little the bathroom sclae doesn't show it. Maybe if I can climb up to the postage scale...but I hate heights.

My fur is grey-black, with white patches around my neck, down the front of my head, across my stomach and feet, and on the tip of my tail. My back has a few white flecks also the tend to come and go.

I enjoy burrowing, chewing (there isn't much I can't chew up given time. Like steel, stone, and that old blue dress blech), bugging the other gerbils in the cage (I'm the biggest), and sneaking out to use everything.

It's dangerous for me sometimes. There are cats in the house also. Not only do the dislike me personally, but they think the computer keyboard is their sleeping spot. They think -EVERYTHING- is their sleeping spot. Not that I haven't met a decent cat or two in my life, but most of them are bastards, I tell you.

My favorite foods are (in this order) raw sunflower seeds, dried corn, dried peas, alfalfa, and wheat. I like rice also. I drink diet soda when I can sneak up to it, but it's usualy flat by then. I hate cats, mostly. I don't like rabbits either. They chew at my tail and make fun of me.

I intend to be the first gerbil to vote, be in congress, and own a car with a TV and a wet bar. Vote Nibbles 2004, and let the good times chew!