I’m a heterosexual male. Well for the moment. I used to be homophobic because of religious beliefs. Gradually I became more accepting because of my wife. Who was bi-curious and is now officially bi-sexual. Taking this a step further I had to accept male homosexuality as well. Now to a degree have gone as far as to say that I am also now curious.

But that’s just me and I’ve observed a few things about acceptance of sexuality

  • Bi-Sexual women are seem to be generally accepted. (Outside of religious circles)
  • Lesbian women are not as accepted as bi-sexual women because many men find them threatening although are a turn on to men (secretly hoping to be responsible for the conversion to bi-sexual)
  • Gay men are a bit more accepted today than in the past. The Hollywood glamorization through films such as The Birdcage and others gay men have become more acceptable in modern society. This is not to say that everything is easy for them. It’s been very tough.
  • Talking with several people a general distaste of bi-sexual men is apparent. A comment made by a friend of mine who is a bi-sexual female seemed to be rather harsh. She stated that there are no bi-sexual men because there is no way anybody could suck another guy without being gay. This seemed to be a sentiment shared by many I’ve run into.
Not saying that one non-heterosexual slant has all sunshine and lollipops. I don’t promote my or my wife’s sexuality at work or in general public because of the risks to our sanity. The acceptance of a non-heterosexual male is a bit farther off in general society than others.