I remember going sailing a few years ago and imagining in all vividness that a girl I was dishing unrequited love out to was there with me. I imagined her in all sorts of scenarios with me.

The sailing one though was amazing. Thoughtlessly playing my guitar on the deck of the yacht in the calm still of night with the only sound being from small waves lapping the side of the little boat. I seem to recall the moon was at gibbous, so it lit the water nicely. Do remember to notice it’s distorted reflections if you get the chance, intertwined with a dazzling light show dancing on the uneven, ever-changing surface. A sight for sore eyes indeed, only surpassed by the sight of her. Enough of that… I digress.

What I wanted to think about was my weird quirk of imagining myself with potential lovers in all sorts of future situations. I’ve met someone else that does it, and she says that she does it with me. I’m doing it with her too! It feels nice and I'm looking forward to experiencing some of these musings one day.