Work of interactive fiction by Dan Schmidt <>. Won second place at the Fifth Annual Interactive Fiction Competition (comp99). `For a Change' is written in an odd fantasy version of English; the language is very poetic at times. The opening line is ``The sun has gone. It must be brought. You have a rock.''. The opening scene:
Under the High Wall (on the resting)
Sweetness fills the shade of the High Wall to your east. Under this sweetness lies a small expanse of fod. A mobile releases mildly to the west; far in that direction a tower proudly plants itself, while the ground rises more slowly to the south and relaxes to the north.

Spread on the resting is a guidebook.

Sleep gradually departs from your eyes. A small stone has been insinuated into your hand.

The language continues this way throughout the game. Your goal is to destroy the High Wall, bringing light to the countryside that is now in its shade.