From their peak circulation the mid-nineteen seventies, Mad magazine has steadily lost subscribers, so much so that they are now accepting ads for the first time in nearly fifty years. Willaim Gaines, as publisher, had made his fortune already and was quite happy with things the way they were. He was unwilling to change his comedic perspective to suit the times.
Around the year 1984, Mad had one lone subscriber left in Puerto Rico, who cancelled his subscription. Gaines took it upon himself to personally fly down there and find out why. Along with some of his creative staff, Gaines arrived on the island, rented a car, and drove to the man's house, in order to persuade him that Mad is still worth reading.
After an hour or so the man finally broke down and agreed to keep receiving the magazine. Gaines and his staff returned to Mad Headquarters relieved and triumphant.
In 1982, my father made me cancel my subscription to Mad, due to partial nudity in the magazine, so I had to make due with newstand copies and Cracked Magazine.