They say Pyongyang is the cleanest city in the world. Officially, there is no crime in Pyongyang, and there really might not be, since only the elite of the elite are actually allowed to live there. There's mostly no electricity, but there are stores with actual products, including even food, which must make for a pleasant change of pace from life in the countryside.

It would be a pretty nice place to live if the power maintaining all that order weren't the most repressive Stalinist state in history. Nobody's even allowed to live there without permission from the government, which doesn't come without damn good reason; the city's maintained as a showpiece for foreign visitors, the shining capital of the Socialist State of the Future. Must be one crazy future, man.

Tourists who for whatever inexplicable reason choose to visit North Korea will more or less be limited to Pyongyang and the rail line that connects it to the Chinese border. There is one hotel for foreigners in Pyongyang. You will not be allowed to leave after dark without a specific destination. You will not be allowed to go anywhere without the accompaniment of your own friendly government appointed tour guide/handler. You will not be allowed to interact with North Koreans, and if you get fresh with one of the coy ladies of Pyongyang, God have mercy on your soul.