Wow! Blow your mind
That’s a truly Everything story:
It is quite difficult to decide where to start, because this is a very circular story… I suppose everything started when I wrote a story about E2 at barrapunto. It seems that one journalist from a national newspaper read my story and decided to wrote himself an article for the newspaper El Mundo (edited in Madrid, Spain). In the article, he mentioned that some Spanish users had already been caught by E2 (he originally said dazzled), and he mentioned your very naked_ape.

I knew nothing about that until I received a message from another Spaniard that joined E2 because of my barrapunto story. He mentioned that I had triggered the commentary in the newspaper, but as I don’t buy “El Mundo” (it’s mainly a Madrid newspaper, and I live in Barcelona, 600 km away) I had no way of checking the article and inflating a bit my ego, (and the online edition of this newspaper has a crappy search engine...) and today, while I was checking the new entries at Everything Quest 6: E2's Scrapbook I discovered that legbagede had posted the URL of the original article of El Mundo, now online…

I love when Everything makes me happy!