A band from Canada headed by John K. Samson, former bassist of Propagandhi. Their sound ranges from punk to soft rock with everything in between, leaving them nearly impossible to categorize. "Wuss rock" is probably the closest stab I've ever heard at a definitive label. "Incredible" would do it for me.

I'm told they put on an amazing live show, but I can't say myself, as I've missed my 3 opportunities to see them due to work, over-zealous border patrolmen, and moving really, really far away, respectively.

The lyrics: Thought-provoking. Subtle. Beautiful. In short, really damn good. You could teach a music/poetry appreciation class on these two records alone. That’s why I’m noding them:

Fallow  (1998, G7 Welcoming Committee Records)

1.   Illustrated Bible Stories For Children
2.   Diagnosis
3.   Confessions Of A Futon-Revolutionist
4.   None Of The Above
5.   Letter Of Resignation
6.   Leash
7.   Wellington's Wednesdays
8.   The Last Last One
9.   Greatest Hits Collection
10. Sounds Familiar
11. Anchorless
12. Fallow

Left and Leaving  (2000, G7 Welcoming Committee Records)

1.   Everything Must Go!
2.   Aside
3.   Watermark
4.   Pamphleteer
5.   This Is A Fire Door Never Leave Open
6.   Without Mythologies
7.   Left and Leaving
8.   Elegy For Elsabet
9.   History To The Defeated
10. Exiles Among You
11. My Favourite Chords
12. Slips And Tangles