Of Blood And Fire, Amy Ray said in an interview in 1990, "It's a love song. it's about a relationship that was important to me in a self-destructive way. it took a long time to write it, a couple of years to get through it. It expresses a kind of love that a lot of people feel at one time in their lives. it's the obsessive compulsive love, which is very, very dangerous."

Amy never performs this song in concert anymore, because she does not want to revisit the feelings that went into writing (and performing) the song. She has stated that if she were to sing the song now, it would be dishonest... maybe because she used to self-injure but doesn't anymore.

Blood and Fire is one of the few songs out there that is openly about self-injury, although there are others that are even more direct. It was written in the 80's, which is even more impressive for the subject matter.