Coca wine, which contained significant quantities of cocaine, was a popular medicinal substance in the 19th century. It was used to cure everything from headaches to alcoholism, as the following reproduction of the label from a period bottle of coca wine shows:


COCA has been used by the natives of South America from the earliest times, for almost every disease, and since its Introduction to the medical faculty it has been found to be almost a specific for -

Headache, Gastralgia, Anemia, Neuralgia, Sea Sickness, Etc.

On account of its tonic and stimulating properties it has also been used with decided success against Waste of Tissue, to revive Digestion, to lessen or remove Fatigue, to cure the Opium or Alcohol Habit, and in Febrile or Nervous Diseases and in Convalescence from Acute Diseases.

This preparation is made from the best quality of Fresh Coca Leaves, specially imported for us, and therefore we guarantee it pure and of full strength.

Dose: One tablespoonful three times a day; may be increased to a wineglassful.

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