According to an article at MacCentral, Apple Computer is apparently ceasing production of their last stand-alone CRT monitor, the 17" Apple Studio Display. This leaves only 15" and 22" LCD displays in Apple's monitor lineup.

The expected replacement is a 17" LCD unit, due to be announced by July, when a massive rollout of new models will occur, and Mac OS X will be preinstalled on new Macintoshes.

This is fairly significant, considering that Apple is usually a little ahead of the curve in industry trends. Of course, they can miss the ball almost entirely - look at their way-late across-the-board CD-R support.

LCD prices are supposed to drop dramatically by the end of 2001, and I for one wouldn't be surprised to see a 15" LCD display in the rumored iMac replacement this summer.

update 5/2004: a little optimistic wasn't I?