I stop off at a local off-license (liquor store) to pick up supplies for last nights session, and asked the gentleman behind the counter for a fifth of Stolichnaya. I can't help but laugh when I see this guy since he's a dead ringer for Apu from The Simpsons.

He puts it on the counter, then asks "Sir. Would you pleased to be interested in this vodka? Much cheaper and same quality".

I'll be damned if he doesn't put a fucking CAN OF VODKA on the counter.

I picked the can up and examined it. Looking much like a can of Orange Juice, the canned libation was clearly Russian, and had almost no english on it except for the word 'VODKA' in several places.

It had a very thin paper label which was torn and rubbed off in places, some Russian flag and marching soldier bullshit on it, a bunch of rather phallic missiles, a couple of pics of some smiling mustachioed men (very Russian men), and on the front a close up of an elderly man and woman, sitting on a park bench somewhere, doing what Russian folks do when they get together - share a can of vodka.

Now speaking as one who unfortunately has sinned by dropping and breaking bottles containing that lovely liquid, it certainly does make sense to can this shit but I'm sure I'm speaking for all vodka drinkers everywhere when I say it ain't natural.