When Bart Simpson is assigned to be Lisa Simpson's co-anchor on Kidz News, he goes to TV's Kent Brockman for advice on how to be the best newsman he can be on The Simpsons's episode "Girly Edition". Brockman teaches Bart that the best way to achieve fame as a newscaster is with fluff pieces that tug at the heartstrings and cloud the mind. Thus Bart creates "Bart's People", a segment of Kidz News where he talks in a solemn, serious voice about whatever sappy goings-on he can find.

"Joe Banks, eighty-two years young, has come to this pond every day for the past seventeen years, to feed the ducks. But last month, Joe made a discovery. The ducks...were gone. Some say the ducks went to Canada. Others say, Toronto. And some people think that Joe used to sit down there, (camera moves to another nearby pond) near those ducks. But it could be, that there's just no room in this modern world, for an old man...and his ducks."

The "Bart's People" segment becomes a overnight sensation and turns Bart into a local celebrity. Everyone, it seems, wants to be one of Bart's People.

"Of forgotten veterans: Their guns are quiet now. Their helmets lost, or pawned. And yet here they are, making flags out of old clothes. Sure, they may not have the right number of stripes. And the colors are all wrong. And some purists will tell you the American flag doesn't contain the word 'Jordache'. But you know, if they run this up the flagpole, I'll salute."

The "Bart's People" segment was eventually cancelled with the rest of Kidz News and repleaced with The Mattel and Mars Bar Quick Energy Chocobot Hour.

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