I was on the Metro tonight coming back home. I was standing since it's only a few stops, and near me were 6 girls who for some reason looked really young, like a 15 year old girl trying to look all grown up and not quite pulling it off. I would guess them for more like 18 or 19, realistically. In any case, since I had nothing better to do, I eavesdropped on bits of conversation.

One of them, who seemed like the alpha-girl (just guessing based on their body language and how the conversations went), was explaining to the others about how to act cool when ordering drinks, explaining how they shouldn't try ordering shots right away and things like that. As an aside, any bartender who would serve alcohol to these girls should have his eyes checked, even if they all did have fake ids. Then she started talking about how there was some Mexican place where they were going (which turned out to be Dupont Circle, a stop before me), which was, "Oh my god, so so good, it's even better than Chipotle", an idea which all the other girls expressed amazement at. It was all I could do not to just start laughing right then and there. Thankfully I didn't - I'm sure these girls would have been a little freaked by me laughing for apparently no reason right next to them. Nobody likes a crazy person. Nobody.

Now, I'll admit that I am probably pickier about Mexican than most people. I love both Mexican and New Mexican food, and can cook New Mexican reasonably well. And I've been lucky enough to live in or visit a number of cities with really good Mexican restaurants in them. But still, it seemed so ludicrous to me that anyone in an actual city could think Chipotle was really good Mexican cooking. Sure, sure, it's fine, better than most fast food places. But I've only lived in this city a short while, and I've already found several places to get really good Mexican. How could you have lived here for so long and not been to any of them?