As a part of a public outreach effort, NASA solicited names from the public to engrave on a duplicate pair of microchips used by the Stardust probe. Due to the volume of postcards, web and email submissions, a second pair of chips was engraved as well - the first chip pair contains over 136,000 names (including the full list of soldiers' names from the Vietnam War Memorial), the second pair is engraved with over one million names.

One of each chip was placed in the Sample Return Capsule, which will return to Earth in 2006, the second copy of each will remain in space.

I'm noding this because my name is out there, 'Muegge', on the 1 million name chip - engraved in letters so small that 80 of them could fit in the width of a human hair.

A full list of the names on the chips can be found at