Fender Mustangs are midrange guitars produced by Fender. The Fender Mustang was first introduced in the summer of 1964. The idea behind this guitar was to produce a good guitar that was somewhere between the Fender Duosonic student guitar and the Fender Telecaster. The result of this idea was the Fender Mustang. Throughout the years Mustangs have gone through a series of changes. Originally the Mustang was designed with a 22.5” scale neck. However, the design would later be changed to a 24” scale neck. There were also some changes in the body styling in the early years. Two single coil pickups were always used in this guitar though, as opposed to the popular three single coil pickups in the Fender Stratocaster.

Fender Mustangs were produced until 1982 when they were discontinued for a period of time. However, Mustangs have resurfaced in recent years as Fender has begun producing a re-issue of this guitar. One of the most popular artists to use this guitar in recent years was Kurt Cobain.