(aka Cassidey Rae, aka Bobbie)
porn actress extraordinaire.

Paizley Adams is a young hardcore porn actress, who has an unusual amount of charisma. On every photo of her, and in every frame of her movies, she owns you.

Paizley is about 20 years old (of course the age of porn actresses is always based more on rumors than on facts), and she (allegedly) started working in the porn business when she turned 18. She's living in Los Angeles, California.

She is described as being the most sex crazed eighteen-year-old to hit the biz in a long time, and she even shocked Suze Randall's staff by prancing stark naked through her office, hot from a hardcore shoot with Vince Voyeur, and offering to "munch the box" of every female present.

Paizley is rather tall, has long dark hair, big blue eyes (usually she stares into the camera a lot), is shaved, and has a small butterfly tattoo on her left breast. Her tits are natural.

In her productions she performs in (apart from R-rated stuff), explicit X-rated solo-, girl/girl- and boy/girl- (vaginal and anal sex) scenes.
In her movies, she tends to talk directly with the viewer (i.e. the camera).

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