"we geeks have likewise been attacked (in the most frightening way possible, namely, we have been vitally wounded on foundational psychological levels) for irrational reasons (we seek to understand the universe in all ways)."

I can't believe that someone could write this with a straight face. Really? You really think that chosen scapegoat stereotype is thinking "Man, it really pisses me off that that guy wants to understand the universe."

I guess this actually makes sense, since this kind of trainwreck of a thought process demonstrates with brilliant clarity the lack of social awareness, and the rampant narcissism, which is the actual cause for your fully-deserved abuse.

This is because people aren't stupid. At least, not nearly as stupid as you think they are. They see through your bullshit. They know that your "shyness" is actually laziness. You don't want to expend any effort in interacting with others, and you especially don't want to have to go to the trouble of identifying and rectifying flaws in your personality to make it easier for others to interact with you. Yet you still want the rewards that such selflessness naturally brings, namely friends, and the opportunity to leave your house on the weekends for a reason other than to buy ramen. Also, they see what you really think of them; they know about the phrases you use to refer to those you consider your lessors; and they know what you think of their hobbies. They don't much care about Watchmen or Clash of the Titans. They don't know who John Cusack is, and don't want to. These things piss you off, because you can not tolerate people who are different from yourself (oh the irony!). To you, hobbies can be ranked in a hierarchy, from most nerdy (best) to least nerdy (evil). And you believe this hierarchy to be objectively true. And to top it off, you have no self-awareness about any of this. Like the blissfully ignorant xkcd forum-goer who says "points for the Atomic Robo reference" without a hint of self-mockery, you have no idea what an ass you are being.

In short, everybody knows that you are a self-absorbed, two-faced inconsiderate dick with an entitlement complex. You'll hold the door for girls and guys, and scream about being equal-minded all day long on internet forums (never failing to hint that girls should like you because of this), but you'll still check out the girl's ass as long as humanly possible as she walks by. You're a a nihilist preacher. That is why they beat the shit out of you again and again. It's for your own good. Violence is the only effective way to react to someone who clearly doesn't give a shit about anything but the advancement of his ego's agenda.

As for this geek - girl dialogue going around (in circles) the internet these days: Every post, no matter the argument or perspective offered, uses the assumption that girls are strange and different from men in ways that make their experiences incomprehensible as a fundamental axiom. This once again betrays the intellectual dishonesty and laziness that nerds are supposed to oppose. Until these tards wake up and figure out that women are humans like everybody else, no progress will be made.

Although, do they even want progress? Every post boils down to, "Women should like me because X." It's never, "If I want women to be attracted to me, I should find out what it is I should do in order to become more attractive to them, and then expend effort in order to improve myself with regard to this advice." Even though the second sentence is clearly more rational, which nerds should love. Who would have thought that they can be just as oblivious to the flaws in their own reasoning as all other human beings in recorded history? Weren't they supposed to be superior to the rest of us unwashed wal-mart-shopping mouthbreathers?

In summary: The reason no one likes you has nothing to do with your interests, or that you're a "special snowflake" (you're not). I'm fairly certain they don't give two shits about you or anything you like. They don't like you because you refuse to take responsibility for your bullshit. It's called integrity. Get some.

I don't know why I even bother though. Obviously you can just come back and say "lol i'm not like that, nub." And maybe you're not. What the fuck do I know? Anyone reading this, however, knows exactly what I'm talking about. What I have described is not a stereotype, because it describes specific people. Far too many people. This is a real behavioral trend, and it leads to otherism and sociopathy. It must be stopped.

Actually that's retarded. End tribalism and narcissism? Maybe in an airport sci-fi novel. Won't happen in the lifetimes of anyone alive today, likely won't happen ever. Even after we're gone, I'm sure some other species will evolve and start thinking it's better than everyone else just because it has two brains and likes old black and white movies. Probably a law of physics.

Edits (7:22 Feb 26 2010): "tolerant" -> "tolerate" ; "belies" -> "betrays" ; (I think that's the meaning I had in mind. Brain's goin'.) Unsure about "lessors"; spellcheck indicates it's correct (but then it says "spellcheck" is incorrect, so who knows). proofreading credit -> TheLady.