Something Lord British often stresses about his Ultima series is that in less early Ultimas he tried not to base the design of the game only on hack-and-slash action, but he also tried to enrich it with human social interaction elements, as well as character feelings and psychology, and more, thus making the Avatar's role a more likely one. This makes easier for the player to identify himself into the game experience, and gives true weight to his behaviour.

In his own words:

[...] One of the things I feel really good about is that Ultima stories are about social consciousness. [...] This is why I feel really good about the role-playing content in Ultima, where you're allowed to cheat, steal and be dishonest, but the game remembers it and shows it back to you later on. [...]

Taken on April 28, 2001 from a Computer Games Online interview with RG (

So, kinda karma. And in Iolo's cheat menu in the sixth Ultima you can edit yours, if you really want to ...

Today, Ultima VII: The Black Gate and Ultima VII: Serpent Isle (the latter is the Part II of the former), two of the most beloved and famous Ultimas, have the chance of not being only a thing of the past anymore: for Ultima fans, it's indeed time to exult :-) !