Sundance usually refers to the Sundance Resort, established in 1969 by Robert Redford when he purchased land from the Stewart family, settlers and Mormon converts. Compared to the other ski resorts in the area (Sundance is a few miles from Provo, Utah but is most often associated with Park City, where the Sundance Film Festival takes place, although Park City is about 30 miles away on US 40) Sundance is minimally developed, with only a few wood-shingled buildings and one or two ski lifts and no lodge at the top of the mountain. Sundance has a few restaurants, some cottages and other guest accomodations, an open-air theatre, and a building where you can rent skis in winter and mountain bikes in summer. Winter of course is largely for skiing, but the other seasons bring theatre, craft vendors and art galleries, hiking and mountain biking.

It's a very beautiful and peaceful place, surprisingly intimate given that it ultimately is a commercial endeavor (although the institute itself is non-profit and exists primarily for arts education and environmental programs).