Hot hot hot.

Time for the tomato cages to come up.

The wife bought a huge, old 5 drawer filing cabinet--it looks like it's from the 1940s. Gorgeous, but it was in her car since Friday, and we had to get it out, which was no small task. It will need to be touched up somewhat, but will be a useful addition to the home office once done. And, after all, you can't get these kind of file cabinets anymore. The ones at Staples are flimsy, and even commerical grade ones like a Steelcase aren't as massive. I think you could have all the drawers open on this thing and it wouldn't tip over. It should basically last forever.

Soon to the category killer home improvement store to buy more tomato cages. If we're lucky, we'll have tomatoes to pick in a week or two--there are already some plum tomatoes on the plants. Mmmm.