There is no feeling in the world like the first time you kiss someone. Your first kiss ever may have been wonderful or horrible. But once you've "got the hang of it", each time you kiss a person for the first time, it's generally pretty great.

The more you have anticipated and thought about when the time would come, the more nervous you get. But once it's happened, you feel almost relieved (amid all the other emotions, of course). If the first one isn't the best, it's usually alright to try again soon after.

If you're starting out a relationship that will last for any length of time, you'll likely still smile later just thinking about the first time the two of you kissed.

Personally, I didn't want my first-ever kiss to be with some guy I'd hate to think of in the years to come, or some obligatory kiss from Spin the Bottle. I waited until 8th grade, which was seeming to be very old compared to my friends at the time. But it was my bestest friend, the one guy I would've wanted to share that with. No fear of embarrassment. Years later, I'm still proud that he was my first.

During high school, and likely for years after, random hook-ups become fairly common.. If you're just randomly kissing someone it may not be as special, but whatever floats your boat. Sure, it may be fun for some people.

But there's definitely a certain specialness attached to a kiss when you really mean it as a means of showing deep affection for the person.

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