A Fish album released in 2001. Fish sold copies in advance from his web site to crazy fans. The album will be released to stores in July (at least in Europe, who knows about the US).

A good album, a mix of his old prog stylings, with some more rocking things. "New" band consists of Floridian John Wesley (not John Wesley Harding, who is British) on guitars and also co-writing most of the tracks, John Young on keyboards(who has worked with Bonnie Tyler, Greenslade, and Asia, and now is touring with Scorpions) along with old-timers Steve Vantsis (bass) and Dave Stewart (drums).

A fellini day is a term used by Fish to describe a day when everything falls into place, and things are perfect. There are clips of Fellini interspersed between songs, in true progressive rock fashion. Tracks: