A sketch on Saturday Night Live starring Christopher Walken.

It starts off as a point-of-view shot of the camera walking to a hotel/apartment door, with "The Continental" on a gold plate on the door.

The door opens, and Christopher Walken, wearing a robe and a pencil moustache. As he speaks in a European accent, hitting on whoever the camera is acting as. He'll kiss your gloved hand, and try to seduce you.

Here is where the plot changes every sketch. Sometimes he offers you Champagne, and the camera sips it, while he tries unsuccessfully to woo you. Sometimes he shows you his newest statue, shaped like a phallus, or tries to cop a feel.

Once he spilled champagne on her/your chest, and tries to take a picture, then shows you the bathroom so you can dry yourself. As you're looking into the mirror, you catch him on the other side of the two-way mirror, lighting a cigarette and peeping at you. You rush to leave, but he blocks the doorway. Eventually you punch him a couple of times, even use Mace/hit him with the statuette, and rush out as he yells come back and says how much he loves you.

It's probably the best reason to keep having him as a host, aside from the fact that he's just sooo creepy.